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Breathwork Healing is a healing and transformational tool that can help you to experience greater happiness, vitality, and wellbeing. The breath is a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious. It can enable you to tap into your deepest wisdom and it can heal on all levels.

Some of the benefits of Breathwork Healing

  • Increased fulfillment, vitality and joy
  • Reduced stress, illness and repeating negative patterns
  • A boost in your immune system, health and overall well-being
  • Alignment to your purpose and increased abundance
  • More peace, better relationships and greater self-love

At Breathwork Healing we offer workshops, events and private sessions


Introduction to Breathwork video




What is breathwork? 

Breathwork is a mind-body practice of conscious connected breathing which facilitates healing and transformation and enhances health, well-being, inner peace and vitality.

The breath is that thread of life that anchors us to the unchanging principles of truth, love and freedom. The breath is a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious; between the body, mind and spirit. It can enable a person to experience their essential nature and can reveal their deepest truths.

Breathwork uses the breath in a conscious way to open up energy pathways and to enable oxygen to flood every cell. This clears blockages and stuck energy from the body, freeing up the life-force and creating more vitality. It can also bring into awareness whatever is going on in the subconscious mind.

Old patterns, habits, negative beliefs, memories, traumas and stresses are often brought into the conscious mind, so the person can understand and process them, release the suppressed emotions and thoughts surrounding them, and can then gently release them. These patterns will integrate back into the whole being, and no longer have a negative effect on the person’s life. This often brings about forgiveness, greater self-love and acceptance.

After breathwork, people usually experience greater clarity, positivity, creativity, calm and freedom. They feel less reactive and more in harmony with the world around them. They also often feel more purposeful, connected, energised and happy.

Breathwork can be done in a group setting or privately with a therapist. Please come and join us at one of our events and see how this profound healing technique can benefit you.

meditation and healing retreat


Our workshops are designed to help people make positive changes in their lives. People come from all over the country to get in touch with the deeper essence of themselves, to release the unconscious patterns that have been holding them back and to find balance and harmony in their lives. This is a great way to fast-track your transformational journey.
Breathwork event


Please come and join us for one of our regular Breathwork events. Breathwork is a powerful self-healing modality that helps people to heal on all levels. Breathwork opens up the body and brings life-force energy into every cell. It is a gateway into the unconscious mind and can release negative patterns and traumas from a person’s body. A person usually then feels happier, lighter and more peaceful.
healing session

Private sessions

We offer private healing sessions that help people to awaken to their full potential. These sessions assist people to clear their blocks and experience more joy, freedom and love. Our clients have resolved issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, pain, addiction, negative patterns and beliefs, mental problems, blockages in achievement and in creating abundance, self-worth issues, relationship problems and much more.
Founder of Breathwork Healing

Jacinta Hoogenboom

Jacinta founded Breathwork Healing after working as a natural therapist for over 7 years. She is a qualified breathwork practitioner, yoga teacher, remedial massage therapist, journey therapist and kinesiology practitioner. She has spent many years researching and working with clients to release trauma and to heal from issues such as depression, addiction, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, low self-esteem, pain, relationship problems, mental problems and many other issues. She is passionate about helping people to resolve their difficulties so they can create more fullfilling, abundant, happy and healthy lives.

“Thank you, today was incredible. I had a MAJOR shift and influx of light, love, and energy into my whole being after our session. You are so talented! And your heart is so GENUINE and loving, that it feels so authentic and right. “

MM, San Fransisco

“Your Breathwork is the highlight of my week.”

VW, Sydney

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