Join us for a very special 1-day Breathwork Birth Healing Workshop!

Experience more aliveness, joy, freedom and vitality!

We are very excited to announce a 1-day workshop coming up on July 29, 2018, where we will explore the beautiful blessing of your birth and any trauma that is unresolved from it.

The experiences that a person has during the prenatal, birth and perinatal periods, or in the months just after can often set them up for negative patterns that continue to affect them throughout their lives.

The thoughts and emotions that a person has during difficult moments during this time, may be suppressed within their body, shaping their view of reality, affecting their health and wellbeing and setting them up to attract similar negative situations continually.

For example, if your parents were arguing about money during this period, your perception from these moments, may still be shaping your beliefs, ideas and relationship to money, work and abundance. It may be causing you to create situations where you never have enough, or where you often argue with your partner about money.

Or, if even for a moment, you felt abandoned when you were in the womb, you may find yourself having problems maintaining a relationship today, or you may continually experience getting rejected or feeling unwanted. This is often because the thoughts and emotions you had at that time left an energy imprint on you, which is still shaping your reality today.  

Through breathwork and other deep process work we offer on this workshop, you can release and resolve these patterns so that they no longer have an effect on your life. When you release and balance the emotional charge from old memories stored in your subconscious mind, you experience more happiness, confidence and connection and are better able to fulfil your greatest potential.

After our sessions clients have reported:

“Jacinta helped me transform a 6-year drug habit into pure sobriety” Patrick, UK

“The tension between my mother and I has dissolved. We enjoy each other’s company again. This is what I have longed for for the best part of two decades.” James, UK


Some of the benefits people have experienced from our workshops are:

  • An increase in joy and aliveness
  • More connection to self and to others
  • A deeper understanding and acceptance of self and life
  • Releasing unwanted patterns and behaviour
  • Resolving emotional and mental issues
  • More energy, health and vitality

On the workshop you will enjoy:

  • A morning hatha yoga class
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • A birth healing breathwork journey
  • Ancient knowledge of healing and universal laws
  • Emotional process work
  • Deep sharing and connection in a sacred and confidential space 

    WHEN: Sunday, 29 July 2018 | 9:00am – 5:00pm
    WHERE: Elysium Community
    ADDRESS: Suite 307, 27 – 39 Abbercrombie Street, Chippendale, Sydney
    EXCHANGE: $160.00

Please come and join us in Sydney on Sunday July 29, 2018, as we open up to more aliveness, joy and peace and align ourselves with our highest purpose and greatest potential.

Spaces are limited so book now to reserve your place.