Abundant Awakenings Retreat

Are you ready for a transformational experience that will nourish your spirit and fast-track you to live your dreams?


WHEN: 27th AND 28th APRIL
TIME: 10am-6pm DAILY

Picture yourself being gently guided to access and live your hearts truth and highest calling, while nestled in the soothing warmth and beauty of this oasis of self-love and wellbeing.

Set in the heart of Bondi Junction, Heart Space Manor is a home away from home for many who come to up-level their self-knowledge and spiritual wisdom, and rejuvenate their soul and body.

Over 2 uplifting days, you will be nurtured and gently guided to expand what is possible for yourself, your life and for your future. You will be supported with sound healing, conscious processes, movement and delicious Ayurvedic food, as you fill up on the ancient sacred wisdom and modern science of the Law of Attraction.

– You will learn how to feel good and find your power, no matter what your circumstances
– You will gain a thorough understanding of the forces creating your reality
– You will gain valuable tools to empower and heal yourself and your family lineage
– You will experience more gratitude, understanding and freedom around your challenges

Do you want to relax, heal and get inspired?
This wholesome, all-encompassing retreat will allow you to :

Align your life with your deepest truth, to live your purpose and experience your divine nature and infinite capacity.

Through daily movement, meditation, guided journeys, teachings and breathwork, you will shed lifetimes of fears and dysfunctional behaviours, and step into the fullest version of yourself.

Old problems, ideas and identities will slip away, as you access your whole self and the exquisitely balanced perfection that you are. From this place profound gratitude arises – for our lives and our journeys, just as they are. From gratitude – or life without resistance – real change happens, through thought, intention, love and the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that you get whatever you focus on with strong emotion. Learn how to balance your emotions to live more of your life, in the bliss, peace and unconditional love that underpins everything. The better you feel in the core of your being, the greater the things you attract and experience, and the healthier you will be.

A whole new world awaits through acknowledging, understanding and balancing your karma, and getting into right relationship with yourself.

Be even more present, as you remove the blocks in your life, so the synchronicities and magic flow abundantly!


– Dreamtime wisdom, modern science and practical application of the Law of Attraction
– An introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique plus a group session
– An introduction to Regression Therapy plus a group session
– An introduction to Rebirthing and a guided group session
– A Chakradance session
– Delicious Ayurvedic Lunches
– Daily meditation, coaching, neuro-linguistic programming, breathwork and movement sessions

DON’T MISS: Our exquisite sound healing journey with the wonderful Petra Mountfort, fresh from Peru!

Places are limited. JOIN US FOR 1 DAY OR BOTH!


Samantha Hoogenboom is an experienced healer who works with CEO’s, government officials, celebrities, abuse victims, troubled children, bereaved people, new parents and everyone in between, to assist them to breathe easier and be more present. Samantha’s Dutch-Indonesian heritage, her 15 years living in cultures such as Japan, Bali and London, as well as her early interest in anthropology and the work of Buckminster Fuller, led her to seek answers to life’s great mysteries, outside of cultural norms and belief systems. She now works with people to clear conditioned programming and to liberate their energy, so they experience more gratitude, wisdom, connection, opportunities and fulfilment. She has assisted clients privately for 12 years and has facilitated group wellbeing events for the past 6 years in Australia, Europe and Asia.

After our sessions clients have reported:

“Jacinta helped me transform a 6-year drug habit into pure sobriety” Patrick, UK

“The tension between my mother and I has dissolved. We enjoy each other’s company again. This is what I have longed the best part of two decades.” James, UK