Understand the root cause of issues and problems and learn practical ways to resolve them yourself. You can get your power back in pretty much any situation by applying these practical tools. This workshop will guide you deep into the unseen realms, to understand how and why your reality is as it is. You will leave with certainty about your ability to manifest what you really want. You will also take home practical tools and techniques to get you through any obstacle and realign you to your deepest truth and heart’s desire.

This workshop includes:

– Ancient knowledge on healing and manifestation
– An introduction to emotional freedom technique/tapping and a 1-hour group session
– An introduction to conscious, circular, connected breathwork and a 1-hour guided journey
– Law of Attraction exercises for manifestation
– Coaching processes such as neuro-linguistic programming/time-line therapy
– Heart-based mindfulness meditation
– Chakra-alignment dance

Breathwork assists people to integrate all parts of themselves so that they are fully in alignment. We use conscious connected breathing, a circular breathing technique, to bring the person’s awareness to the parts of them that are limiting, or that no longer serve them. These parts can then be gently acknowledged, understood and integrated, so that they no longer have an effect on the person. This is a safe, powerful technique that can help to resolve aches and pains, trauma, negative patterns and beliefs, and many other problems. It will help a person to feel more connected, to find forgiveness, and to experience greater fulfilment and happiness.

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as tapping, is a healing modality which specifically targets unresolved emotional issues and mental limitations. It is an emotional version of acupuncture, the ancient Chinese healing system which recognises that meridians of energy run through the body. But instead of needles, EFT uses a simple tapping method on meridian points, to balance the energy and gain insight into the subconscious mind. This corrects the body’s energy imbalances and dissolves negative emotions and traumas held in the body, which are at the core of many physical problems and emotional and behavioural issues. .

Time: 12:30pm-8:30pm
Date: Saturday 17th, November, 2018
Place: Elysium Community
Suite 307, 27-39 Abbercrombie Street
Chippendale, Sydney
Cost: $150


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