Most people have heard about the Aura, but the knowledge about it is shrouded in mysteries.
We do not naturally see the Aura, so we do not know how real this part of our being is.
We will therefore, begin a discussion about the Aura and it’s various aspects. We will talk about:

1. What creates our aura
2. What maintains our aura
3. What is the purpose of our aura
4. What goes on with our aura during our life-cycle and our death
5. How the aura and it’s colors work
6. What is the relationship between our chakras and our aura
7. How are the chakras interconnected
8. The differences between males & females auras
9. How the aura relates to our personalities and our physical and intellectual abilities
10. If the aura is unique to mankind or also present in animals and other lifeforms
11. How our aura is affected and damaged by our past experiences
12. How a picture of our aura can be used to diagnose our spiritual and physical health
13. What is chakra and aura balancing
14. How we can restore normal energy flow in the chakras and our aura
15. What techniques we can use to improve our aura:
16. On the physical level: aromatherapy, sound therapy, Tibetan singing bowls, color therapy, yoga, tai chi and other exercises
17. On the mental level: meditation, forgiveness, letting things go, releasing emotional energies, compassion, etc.
18. Aura balancing techniques
19. Spiritual healing modalities: Holographic Kinetics
20. Conscious Karma Balancing combined with soul, aura, and physical body balancing
21. How we can identify and recognise interference affecting our Aura
22. How we can clear our aura of interference
23. How we can balance our aura
24. How to maintain awareness of our aura and it’s condition, and how to constantly maintain it’s purity and energy levels
25. How we can consciously gain access to our aura to control and use it to sharpen our abilities for greater health, inspiration, harmony, and manifestation

We will provide a demonstration of an Aura Scanning machine and participants will have the opportunity to see their own aura.

Participants will be able to ask questions and we will try to answer them to the best of our ability based on our current knowledge.

If there is interest we will organise other workshops where we can discuss different aspects of the aura.

Private sessions can also be organised with Valery and Jacinta.


Time: 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm
Date: Friday, 8th of March, 2019
Place: Heart Space Manor
45 Oxford Street, Bondi Junction 2022

Cost: $20
Concession: $10

Wear: loose, warm and comfortable clothing so that you can relax during the workshop.
Please come at 6:45 for a 7:00 pm start.
Parking: There is free street parking in the surrounding streets.


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