A private healing session can assist to resolve issues such as depression, anxiety, pain, trauma, guilt, self-worth issues, anger, blockages in moving forward, mental problems, relationship issues, addictions, eating disorders, negative patterns and beliefs, and many other problems.

Suppressed negative emotions and thoughts are often what created a person’s issues. Energy that was held onto during difficult experiences in the past is often what set up a person’s problems and is what is causing them to continue.

We use healing techniques such as breathwork, Holographic Kinetics, yoga, Journeywork, and bodywork to help people to become aware of the unconscious patterns that created their problems. A person will tap into their own inner wisdom to find answers. After releasing the suppressed negative energy and gaining a deeper understanding, people often find that their issues simply disappear and no longer have an effect on them.

Often negative patterns came down to them from their ancestors too, and no matter what caused a person’s issues, we can help them to let go of them. The person will then experience greater peace, vitality and joy in their lives.


Breathwork helps people to integrate all parts of themselves so that they are fully in alignment. We use conscious connected breathing, which is a circular breathing technique, to bring to the person’s awareness the parts of them that are limiting them, or that no longer serve them. These parts can then be gently acknowledged and integrated, so that they no longer have an effect on the person. This is a gentle but powerful technique that can help to resolve aches and pains, trauma, negative patterns and beliefs, and many other problems. It will help a person to feel more connected, to find forgiveness, and to experience greater fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

Holographic Kinetics

Experience greater fulfillment, happiness, connection and peace. Holographic Kinetics is an aboriginal healing technique that assists people to resolve emotional and mental issues so that they experience greater freedom and joy in their lives. Founded by Steve Richards, it is based on an understanding of “The Dreamtime” and on ancient knowledge of the laws of Lore, the universal laws which govern creation.

Holographic Kinetics is a regression technique that assists people to clear issues at their creation point, so that they come back into balance and no longer have an effect on the person’s life. No matter how far back in time the issue started, this technique can clear it at its cause. It is also one of the few techniques that can resolve ancestral issues that have been passed on genetically.

Using this technique, people have resolved issues such as depression, anxiety, pain, PTSD, addictions, relationship problems, feeling stuck, anger, voices in the head, mental anguish, suicidal thoughts, limiting beliefs and unwanted patterns and behavior. It can also clear blocks that stop a person from achieving goals, such as blocks to finding a partner or to having financial abundance.

Remedial massage

This nurturing massage soothes aching muscles and relieves stress and tension. It also assists with issues such as back and neck pain, injuries, chronic conditions, arthritis, tendonitis, pain, sciatica, and muscle tears and spasms. It is tailored to suit the client’s needs and condition. Techniques include remedial, Swedish, hot-stone, aromatherapy, deep-tissue, trigger-point therapy, MET, Brandon Raynor, myofascial work and acupressure.