Jacinta Hoogenboom

I have been passionate about transformation and natural healing for over 20 years after realising that change first comes from within. I am interested in the nature of reality and how we can create what we want by changing our internal reality.

I have been working with clients to do this for over 7 years and I am committed to helping people to achieve positive results in their lives. Some of the modalities I am trained in are yoga teaching, remedial massage, Holographic Kinetics, Journey Therapy, kinesiology, aromatherapy, breathwork, energy healing and meditation. 


Samantha Hoogenboom

Samantha’s work restores balance in people’s lives and empowers them to experience abundance, freedom, clarity and certainty. The blend of methods that she uses offers a powerful insight into the subconscious mind and how negative cycles were initially created and are perpetuated. All issues, whether physical, emotional or mental, have at their heart an energetic and psychological component. Every problem has a specific genesis, as well as a precise spiritual purpose.

Samantha’s ten years training in energy-psychology medicines such as tapping and neuro-linguistic programming, combined with an Indigenous perspective that acknowledges the spirit, the ancestors, as well as past lives, empowers her to guide people to understand and resolve even the most debilitating and traumatic problems.

Samantha draws on 20 years research into the causes and cures of powerlessness and depression, to provide a unique, thorough worldview and healing system, that transforms the energy which causes people’s problems. Samantha works privately with clients and facilitates talks, workshops and breathwork journeys.